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Re: My new coach wants to change every damn thing about my game

The purpose of a coach is to help and fix the weaker parts of your game and work WITH you to maximize your potential. If your shots are already effective and your gameplan is fine, and he is trying to change everything, kick his ass to the curb
A coach should teach you how to hit the shots right. Big deal if it's effective, if it's wrong, he must call on it. The higher the toss the more predictable your serve will be, for instance. Open stance shouldn't be used all the time, and so on.
2 different and opposing responses perfectly capturing my dilemma.

Yes a coach's job is to help me hit shots right. And if he was changing something WRONG to something RIGHT, I would have no problem with that. But that is not what happened. It felt as if he needed to prove his credibility as a coach by trying to make a whole set of changes in my game. It was almost as if he has no concept of a woman player being that good so he had to assert his manliness. I kid you not.

I agree that one should not hit open stance all the time. I don't. But it's what I do best. I agree that when the toss is too high the serve can become less controlled. But my toss is not that high. He wants me to toss only as high as the contact point and not an inch higher. Sorry but that interrupts my natural flow.

Anyway today I hit with him again. After warming up we did a contact volley drill. I got back 90% of his volleys. He got back about 70% of mine. So then he said let's play points. No problemo. Except that my return of serve is a killer so in the end I won twice as many points as he did. It started getting dark and the lights weren't working so he said last four. Cool. I won all four points. So he got four more. And then four more. And I realized that the only way I'd get off the damn court was by messing up deliberately. So I deliberately shanked a return. And he was happy and stopped playing. No I am not lying. That is EXACTLY what happened.

His ass is so fired.

So I called up Old Guy to find out what the deal was that he sent me to this idiot. And he said because I want you to come back. So I said fine but make sure your wife doesn't take out a contract on my f**king head. And he laughed. And we are hitting on Saturday morning as usual.

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