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Re: Dubai to host golf's richest event, prize money of $10 million

Originally Posted by Bilbo View Post
next year they are going to build the highest building in the world called Al Burj topping Burj Dubai (currently the highest building in the world and not even finished) with a height of 1050 meters. Constructor is Nakheel. They've a higher net income than Microsoft.
Unfortuntely I do not think so.

According to the same article.

According to officials at Al Nakheel, the tower was originally designed to be at least 700 m (2,297 ft) tall and have more than 160 floors but no specific figures have been disclosed. This is very much the same strategy as that employed by Emaar with the Burj Dubai which, currently under construction, is now the worlds tallest structure and is on its way in becoming the world's tallest building ever built, upon completion. The secrecy behind Al Burj's height originally suggested that it will also try to compete for this title and rumours even suggest it will break the 1,000 m (3,281 ft) mark. There is indeed evidence from the latest renditions that height increases have been made. One of these renders even shows the tower with more than 200 floors. The 16 March, 2007 article by Construction UAE referenced above states that the tower will indeed begin construction later this year and that it will be 1,200 m (3,937 ft) tall.

However, in an article from Construction Week,[6] Al Nakheel CEO Chris O'Donnell said that "height isn't everything" and that iconic buildings were more important. This may indicate that building Al Burj to be taller than the Burj Dubai has been deemed financially infeasible by Nakheel, the project has been significantly scaled back, and that this building is no longer a competitor for tallest building in the world.[6]

Only a week later, an article in claims that the tower will be taller than 1 kilometre. [7

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