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Re: 2007 MTF "Mr Disney Arse Clown Contest" Champion is ezekiel

Originally Posted by marcRD View Post
I found her here:

She is in a tantrum after Federers 5th consecutive wimbledon here, claiming the draw was a conspiracy, drawing anology with 9/11.....

and ofcourse that he is lucky and the usual shit. Well here is some of the stuff she posts everyday all the time (before everything was written in caps lock):
Good heavens, What. A. Nutcase!

Hilarious, really. Yeah, sure - Fed's such a lucky bastard, and as being the Ronald Reagan of tennis, he surely was the secret power behind all those friendly draws of his!

You know, this actually makes me feel better. There I was, thinking MTF is bad. I now for sure that it's not now.

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