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Re: 2007 MTF "Mr Disney Arse Clown Contest" Champion is ezekiel

Here she talks after Nadals loss to Federer in master cup:

Originally Posted by GRAF_SAMPRAS

i think that is simply BURNOUT .

Rafael has singlehandedly been carrying the load for the rest of the competition -- and getting assaulted for it in return -- on his body, his psyche, and his mentality.

the REST period will do him good.

however -- it is also the result of PLENTY of times when rafael has been handed such difficult draws in comparison with Mister Federer -- that nadal not ONLY has had to contend with challengers to HIMSELF for upholding the challenge TO roger -- nadal also has to do his best to preserve what he has alraedy accomplished..........

so -- when he faces "fresh" roger -- with his "Gimme" draws and opponents that still continue to bow to him -- what do you get? Nadal -- battered from his other rivals -- has nothing left for Federer.

PERFECT scenario for Roger.

and that's getting to nadal -- because nadal KNOWS he is not in full form and fitness, mentally and physically and his game suffers from declining confidence.

PERFECT scenario for Roger.

I am WILLING to bet that Privately -- nadal feels this that HE is getting the RAW end of the deal while roger , in important rides to finals -- gets a SWEETHEART DEAL and nadal always ends up getting the short end of the stick .

Wimbledon, USO, FO. This week, -- you name it....the pattern is VERY VERY clear.

it's a TRAVESTY, i tell you.

Roger Federer the Ronald Reagan of tennis:

Originally Posted by GRAF_SAMPRAS
Roger Federer is like the Ronald Reagan of Tennis.

where Reagan with all his obfuscations and cleverness and racist lingo couched in "codes" like "I believe in States Rights" spoken in Mississippi or Alabama to kick off his "presidency" -- Roger Federer with all his fancy playing couched in "genius and talent" gets away with miserable competition.

where reagan "weathered" the "storm" of corruptions deep in his own administration - roger federer "weathered"

the Storms of Big Battles for the top ranks and big titles between generations and among his own generation -- until he "emerged" as a "Victor" that HAD NOTHING to do with those Big Battles

until it was SAFE to put his neck out.....

and stand erect like he was some George Washington LEADING the cavalry........but in reality --- just waited until his "confidence grew" when he saw -- like ANY intelligent person would -- that the field was DEPLETED.

Where Ronald Reagan is the TEFLON PRESIDENT........Roger Federer is the TEFLON "tennis champ"............

and in NEITHER case -- does it MEAN anything GOOD!

it ain't Geee nnnnn uuuu iiiinnnnneeee"
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