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Re: Laughing at National and Regional Stereotypes

Originally Posted by R.Federer View Post
Eh? about which -- Tamils or Serbs?

Where in Switzerland do you live? Are there any Tamils there? In Berne, there are many. Many, many. This topic (not about Tamils in particular, but the different types of foreigners in Berne) comes up frequently amongst so many people -- I'll try to dig up something in print for you, I mean a link.

You surprise me -- do you live in a small village with few foreigners?
Well, both I don't feel those stereotypes about Serbs and Turks actually, years back the stereotypes were more about other ex-Yugoslavian ethno groups such as Albanians from Kosovo or Macedonians... But these days those guys are well integrated. What's the kind of stereotypes you're referring to? (don't mind zeke, he never ventures in non-tennis ).

Regarding Tamils I guess it's the case in Bern, there aren't many of them where I live so can't really comment...

I live in Lausanne but travel across Switzerland throughout the year so no, I'm not stuck in an old Alpin village
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