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Fill-in-the-draw 2008 - New season, some changes, new managers wanted!

With only the Masters Cup missing, the FITD 2007 season is coming to an end. As for the first season, it was a great one. But for 2008, i will propose some changes, and will ask for some help also

-New managers would be much aprreciated. It's quite an easy job running FITD events, you just have to count how much winners each player had in each round and calculate the scores. The only requirement is the manager being able to update the standigs after the end of each round. It takes around 10-15 minutes for 32-draw tournaments. If you are interested on helping, contact me

-The ranking won't be the sum of the points of all tournaments anymore. Each position for each type of tournament (GS, MS, IS etc.) will have a fixed scoring. Players will be able to play all tournaments in the week, and just the best result will be counted on the ranking. Also, FITD won't have that 18-tournaments thing: all weeks will give you points.

-Together with the ATP Tour tournaments, each week will provide ONE challenger tournament. All players can play it. Of course, the ranking points will be less than ATP ones, but if your challenger scoring is higher than the ATP ones, this will go your ranking! Grand-slam weeks won't have challengers!

-A new rule for withdrawals will be implemented. You will not be able to change your predicitions. Anyway, the player that replaces the one who withdrew (lucky loser) will be counted as a winner if he wins. For example:

You predicted in 1st round:
Nalbandian d. Nadal

2nd round:
Nalbandian d. Stepanek

and so on...

Nalbandian withdraws and Gulbis is the lucky loser. If Gulbis wins first round, you WILL receive that win points, the same on second round and so on.

-Top 16 of ranking will qualify to the Masters Cup. If one of the Grand Slam winners is out the top 16 but into the top 30, he/she will qualify.

Hopefully the game will keep growing up. If you are interested on helping with this, please PM!

Enjoy Fill-in-the-Draw!
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