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Re: paris: will this thread go beyond 1 page?

Originally Posted by Hangdog View Post
Yes, not a so much impressing number if so. With his great results in doubles the singles scores somehow went out of sight. In general it was "moyen quoi" as Arnaud rated it himself.

It came to your paper from London? A long way though.

Well, I've seen sounds of this story even in an Argentina's ( ) newspaper. Also it was written there about Micka's reaction that he also got such an offer 4 years ago and that he thinks it's really difficult to do anything with it because there are too powerful people behind all of this.

Now after having seen so many mentions of "St. Petersburg" concerning to the tennis topic I start thinking this is a kind of a campaign to attract attention to our tournament... lol
come to think of it... are you sure arnaud didn't mean YOU when he referred to someone who asked him to lose? or was it me, if i'd rather watch him in sydney instead of adelaide, you know, that sort of scenario

with all this witch hunt going on, every one starts to look suspicious. and being russian or chinese, make us look so much more 'mafia'-like too

another thought... if it isn't supposed to be so dangerous, maybe we should send you to investigate your tournament
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