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Re: News & Articles - Yeti Premonitions

Originally Posted by 2moretogo View Post
^^^ Before we take OS to task about fonts, can we ask them to proofread an "official" statement from Marat. Please?
I know I sounded a bit picky with the font colour thing...but I was (more than once!) visually disturbed by vividly coloured news i sometimes couldn't quite distinguish where the junk ad with "congratutalions!!! you're the 999999 visitor" finished and the news started

It is sometimes tempting to try and argue with them (manag team) and try to prove them wrong on some issues (even more important than font colour), but on a second thought, I think not much (probably nothing) can be done by somebody who is not directly involved in Marat's management. That's their approch to how the things should be said and done and I do not think we can change that: as said before, it is not the first time they sound unproffesional (to us) and it won't be the last time probably...

But after all, I'm wondering if this really matters: will the profficiency level of statements on the OS affect Marat's performance? I guess (and hope) not...Also, I think he'll continue to be equally popular regardless of what happens on his website...

So, we can as well let this episode pass and hope for a better season next year!

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