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Re: News & Articles - Yeti Premonitions

Originally Posted by Damita View Post

I'm seriously tired of trying to follow the guy's choices I mean, if he's tired, or if he's completely lost and needs a break, fine. But here he's changing his mind every other week:
I won't play anymore this year, I'm injured.
I'm going to Nepal.
I'm coming back and hope to be ready for Madrid.
I'm playing even before Madrid since I'm back in Moscow!
I'm not playing anymore.

... what's next week? "I skipped Saint Petersburg, or Lyon whatever, and I'm back to Paris" ???

First it's really confusing (anyone else feeling dizzy raise your hand). And, on a very egoistic note, I'm sick of having my hopes for Bercy up and down every week. I would really have prefered him to be clear from the beginning and think "ok, he won't be there, fine" instead of starting to think each week "oooh, we might have a chance to see him play! "

Excellent point. I don't think he'll play much longer.
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