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Re: News & Articles - Yeti Premonitions

Ok. Some of you have lost vcash.

Can I just remind everyone that there is a thread SPECIFICALLY for:

ANY NEWS INVOLVING ANY FEMALES SITTING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO MARAT. otherwise known as the potential girlfriends and wives thread.

I'm not going to tell anyone to stop posting trashy articles from tabloids as yet. But if this is going to continue and this forum heads towards becoming a tabloid trumpeting forum, then I might just do that. There's been an increase in such articles in recent weeks/months and if this continues. I'll put a stop to it completely. There are player forums on MTF that disallows GF/companion talks of any kind and much as I'd like to follow their example as well, I think we don't need to resort to that AS YET. But if the situation deteriorates, I might change my mind.

Please also be reminded that despite it's current name, the GF thread HAS ALWAYS BEEN AND STILL IS a thread to discuss marat's CURRENT girlfriend, if any.

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