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Re: Bachelet?

Bachelet's Government had the bad luck to take up all the failures of the Lagos's Administration programs, and it's not just Transantiago (Santiago's public transportation system), let's take a look:

The train company EFE, what happened to the new trains coming there, Lagos made quite a party about that train, and what happened?? EFE is almost broke!
Chiledeportes or should I say "Chile recortes". what more??
Did the public hospitals infraestructure get better with Lagos government? No way!, they're falling apart!, they are even worst than in the Moai Ruiz Tagle's Government.
Also all the problems occured with the non-contracted workers of CODELCO.
And one thing I hated about Lagos administration he didn't act like a Socialist, he sold everything to the spaniards, (All the highways are in hands of spanish companies, the telephone companies, the water.) Nothing is CHILEAN around here.

Ok, the thing about the LOCE, and the students because that's mainly all problem carried out by Pinochet's regime, and needs to be changed NOW! (The bad thing is that the right wingers don't want the change ) and also the "Binominal System of Election". The right wingers in Chile are a bunch of selfish idiots, they don't care about the people opinion.
And to VIvaChile, we can't continue like that, we need a change urgently, that's how countries can develop.

and Andres Velasco said that in 2020 Chile will reach the development, yeah right! 12 years for that. We are going in the right track then. They think all chileans are stupid.

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