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Re: Marat news and articles

Originally Posted by Damita View Post
Because you're informing us well enough digging up all you can find on the web
You know about my understanding of the alpine sport? Excuse me, have we been to school or summer camp together? I can't remember Talking about people who think they know better ...

I was just stating that I doubt he'd miss one month and a half of tournaments to go on an expedition if his idea was to take part in only half of it. Whether he'll actually go to the top is another question, because things can change with time, but when he planned the whole thing do you believe he thought "oh ok, i'll skip the rest of the tennis season and go climb mountains, but for 20 days in the middle i'll just chill"? :retard:
i don't think chilling is that easy in a small tent in the snow at one of the upper camps. or indeed it's very easy literally.

also, quite obviously, he doesn't only skip tennis for this trip, but he must hate tennis so much at the moment, that he needs this trip.

He'd most likely have missed the rest of the season if he'd chosen to simply hang out in moscow.
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