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Re: Marat news and articles

Originally Posted by MarieS View Post
That's quite the spirited essay there inez...
That's an interesting perspective. So we as fans owe Marat unconditional support and admiration and he doesn't owe us anything? Oooooooook.
There are different levels of fandom. I haven't reached the delusional-will-support-any-insane-enterprise-he-undertakes level yet, but I'll let you know when I get there .
Bottom line is, he's a public figure. He's obligated to his sponsors, his sport, his fans, to at least show up to the things he has committed to. If he doesn't like it, that's TOUGH SHIT because he wouldn't be the multi-millionaire he is today without that sport. Doing this is irresponsible and me being a fan in no way bars me from saying this. I'm not denying him his right to make the decisions he wants to make, but just because he has the right to make them doesn't mean I can't point out how ridiculous they are in MY opinion.
And yes yes, I've heard ALL about his multi-dimensionality...Somewhere deep inside him there lies a dead poet that he needs to get in touch with every few years ...I wish I could buy into this every time, but to me it's over-romanticizing and lazy reporting all in one wonderful package, and frankly I am tired of hearing about it ...

steph, if I wanna whine, I'll whine all I want . I can't do this anywhere else .
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