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Re: Marat news and articles

Originally Posted by Armada~121 View Post
My bottom line is that, this whole thing is what he does in his private life. My objection to this expedition is that he's irresponsible to the tourneys he has committed himself to for the rest of the season, because that effects a lot of parties involved, and it is his actions in the public arena that we can criticize. Apart from that, nobody knows what goes behind the closed door. So, simply, I think we should just leave him alone.

Originally Posted by luxsword View Post
anyone else wondering how come there's no thread about this in GM ?
i mean,they talk a bit about it in the russia vs germany thread, but you'd think some safin bashers would already have written 3 times more than us here about it, right ?
Most people think his season is over anyway, so whether it's over because he'll continue losing in first rounds or because he is away, same difference for most ppl.
He played like crap all year, he didn't seem motivated at all in his last match, so why bother? As much as I regret he'll withdraw from everywhere (Bercy ), things weren't going anywhere so if this can change him, boost him, etc, i say go Marat!

Originally Posted by inez View Post
What amazes me about this forum, which is supposedly frequented by people who claim to have 'supported' or been a 'fan' or 'follower' or whatever you want to call yourseleves, of Marat for 'X' amount of years show so LITTLE FAITH in him and his ability as a person to make whatever life choices he sees fit. I am not only referring to THIS quote, by the way, and I really can't be bothered trawling through all the dross for further examples, but there have been too many.

So, where do YOU, or anyone else on this forum get the right to pour so much judgemental scorn on someone you imagine you admire and respect..oh, sorry - admiration and respect are in pretty poor supply in my opinion based on observing this forum for only a few short months.

Marat Safin is an adult who is perfectly capable of making his own decisions about what he can or cannot do; He has taken on a task which PLENTY of other people have done and will continue to do. YES there is an elemant of risk - but crossing the road is risky - and do you know that most accidents happen in the home? He is on a professional tour run and supplied by professionals - he obviously has been planning this for months - he's not just thrown a backpack on and taken off into the hills. I fully respect and admire Marat in his choice - he WILL have a fantastic experience and whatever motivated him to go, I beleive he will ultimately benefit from the experience - "ultimately senseless"? to YOU, maybe - not to Marat.

As far as 'what has Marat to think about' - do you REALLY believe he is as one-dimensional as that?? if you think that what you observe of Marat tells anything like the whole story....LOL!

As for his career - it's his LIFE - he has dedicated himself to his career since he was sent off at 14 - if he wants to quit and do something completely different - ????? who says he can't or shouldn't - really, people, get a grip !! Marat is a human being not your own personal entertainment system - and I'm so glad that he is doing what he's doing because HE WANTS TO.
Although I really hate how you said it (like you said, you've been here for a few months, while it took some of us years to know each others like we do. Don't judge without knowing, thank you ), I totally agree that it's his decision, and he's an adult, and it's really giving him little credit (yet again, that wouldn't be the first time ) to go all "this is insane, he's gonna kill himself, blahblahblah".
It's a rather unique experience, maybe not the best moment to do it since he's still a pro player (as far as we know ), but he's not happy with tennis lately it's obvious, so if needs to get some air and make a radical change to find himself again, we should just hope he'll come back in a better state of mind and motivated.

And to the people here who think it's a stupid decision and he shouldn't have done this: he's gone! he's there already, you can't change that. And actually even if he hadn't left yet and you were here praying for him to cancel the whole thing, he wouldn't give a f*ck, would he? Get over it, and wait for his return

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