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Re: Marat news and articles

Originally Posted by Braune_Lady View Post
I don't know if you guys are aware of it but there is a climbing season, just like there is a tennis season - the best time to go hiking in Nepal and Tibet is mid-September to late October since the weather is the most predictable in this period (not that that means very much...). So unless you want him to get stuck on a frigging mountain, give him credit for sensible planning at least.

I think the whole climbing business is really cool - completely, utterly, totally unprofessional tennis-wise but really cool nevertheless. I hope he has a blast, extends his personal limits, finds some inner Zen and showers before he steps back into civilization

Originally Posted by PennyThePenguin View Post
davai lama
the Satinette in me really likes that one

Originally Posted by PennyThePenguin View Post
probably. the mountain climbing boots are pretty tough, rigid stuff though, so it might give some support as well. please correct me if I'm wrong.

Originally Posted by Armada~121 View Post
It was just a joke. Doesn't have to be factual. Lots of humour on this forum are not based on all facts anyway.

Well, I know that in reality climbing up Cho Oyu is no joke. But if I were Marat, I'd have done the same thing. Why not? Ok, it's not professional tennis-wise like many have said. But instead of just toiling meaninglessly on the mundane tennis courts for another two months (I think everybody agrees here that he's not going to win every single match and sweep all the titles this fall anyway), Marat is doing something that will contribute to his lifetime experience. Dangerous yes. And it might affect his physique as a tennis player afterwards. But Marat is a person before he's a tennis player. So... I'm happy for him. And this proves to me that Marat is almost by nature a somewhat Byronic figure I always thought he is.

Originally Posted by Lossi View Post
Because if he dies, he is SO into the HOF
I mean

Originally Posted by maria_marie View Post
I really hope he's gonna stay at the camp at the foot of the mountain and not climb the mountain because he's never done such a thing. In such expeditions rarely do all the members of the group climb the mountain so I hope he has some brain left and decides to stay at the camp to guard the luggage and keep in touch with the civilization
Yeah, he canceled almost 3 months of tournaments to stay down there while the rest of the group go through an experience they'll never forget.

Originally Posted by Saumon View Post
I like this one better

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