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Re: Marat news and articles

Originally Posted by inez View Post
LOL! it's evident that there are PLENTY of people here who THINK they know him better than I think....sadly, their comments frequently indicate the opposite.Although I think your concerns are valid I personally do not think Marat IS stupid enough to take on something very much beyond him, and I'm sick of the tone of so many posts which are deeply insulting to Marat, in my opinion. I don't presume to 'know' or understand WHY he has decided to do it - I just think that he obviously needed to get away from Tennis and the howling 'fans' and if he IS using the opportunity to think about or make decisions on his future, well, good for him, and whatever he decides to do, I would express support and encouragement - but that's obviously my twisted notion of what 'supporting' someone is about!)
how about refraining from knowing other posters better than you think ? look, let's stop judging other people's judgment or definition of 'supporting', or i can just foresee major editing by our beloved moderator...
everyone's entitled to think marat's acting stupid, or great, or worry like mad, or think it'll be a piece of cake, or a bit of all of this and more... let's just let everyone speak their mind, as long as noone here wishes marat evil (and that's not bound to happen here, right), what's the point of stirring a fuss

peace, i said

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