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The Stylish RF Logo Hat - Want it?

From oopsiedaisy at

Aren't those black & white USO and white Wimby RF hats just gorgeous?

Here, let me show you them on our favourite model:

Well, right now those hats are being auctioned off at over hundreds of dollars (which would make them unaffordable for many of us fans), and probably only a few are available! That's such a pity, when those hats are really lovely and many many a fan would want to own one.

I know, I know - those hats are limited ed, which is what makes them so special and great for auctioning. But wait - those auctioning hats are autographed - we fans don't need that autograph (though we might really really want it)!


Do it in aid of the RF foundation - I'm sure it'll sell THOUSANDS!! Remember how well those Feder-bears sold?

Plus I'm sure that'll make all the fans around the world very very very happy, and help thousands of kids in the process. Won't that be a WIN-WIN situation?

Those children currently helped by the RF foundation really do need our help - after all, they're tomorrow's future.

I sincerely would like to see those hats being sold in the stores, readily available and priced affordably for the common fan! Since so many fans have been wanting those hats since we saw Roger wear them, why not put this demand for those hats to good use and help raise funds for the RF foundation by selling these hats?

I know there are lots of logistical details to think about, but still worth a thought don't you think?

So I propose this: If we can get 1000 fans to add their names to the petition in the next post - why don't Roger and his management think about selling those RF hats in aid of charity? US$20-30 from each fan (or even as little as US$5 out of that) could go a long way in helping those kids.


Think it'd be nice to put down our username, name and country so that Roger and his management will know we're being serious about this. Also, I think it's best if you guys reply to this thread and then I'll add the names on myself to prevent any confusion:

Here we go:


To Roger Federer and the rest of his management,

We would like to appeal that the black and white RF hats (circa the 2007 US Open and 2007 Wimbledon) be sold in stores in aid of the Roger Federer Foundation and the children and their families that the Foundation currently supports in Ethiopia, South Africa and Switzerland.

Although the autographed hats are currently being auctioned off in aid of charity on, the prices at which they are currently being auctioned off at are simply too high for the common fan. Yet the demand for these hats is overwhelming.

Therefore, we would like to appeal that these hats (un-autographed) be sold in retail, in aid of the Roger Federer Foundation. There's a way to channel this demand into something useful and meaningful, and we believe that could be done through raising funds for the Foundation and the children it currently supports, by selling these hats in stores, and donating a certain percentage or even all the proceeds to the Roger Federer Foundation.

The Foundation does some amazing in work in three countries presently, supporting projects that empower young people through education and sport, to give them a better future than they may have expected before the Foundation stepped in.

We fans would be honoured to be help the Foundation's efforts in any way that we can. Being able to help these children financially through the simple act of buying a hat being endorsed by an athlete that we all admire for his humility, generosity and grace, is definitely the very least that we fans can do for these children.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

The Undersigned


And here's where I'll add everyone's names!

(Format: Name/username/country)
1 Eunice Lim/oopsiedaisy/Singapore

[[for username just put the one you have here ar mtf, but it would be great if you had a username.

i'll update your names to the official list at]]

Roger Federer

Richard Gasquet,David Nalbandian, James Blake,Marcos Baghdatis,Fabrice Santoro,Jonas Bjorkman,Mikhail Youzhny,Fernado Verdasco, Stan Warinka

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