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Re: Another .. average american fan article

Why do some people assume that when the popularity of a sport goes down, it means you have to change the sport?

The popularity of tennis will sometimes go up, sometimes go down depending of the country. I'm sure after Graf retired, womens tennis popularity went down (which explain why tournements like Hamburg and Leipzig are cancelled), does that mean that they have to change rules in Germany? Does that mean players should have their names printed on their shirts there?

Like if the popularity of a sport would drastically change for small changes of rule or a name printed on their shirt.

I want to hear how Andy Roddick is feeling after his morning practice. I want to hear if Venus Williams sounds confident in the tunnel before her match. I want to hear Andre Agassi’s coach, Darren Cahill, talk about tactics during Agassi’s matches.
I don't.
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