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Re: The "0mGzzzZ t33nY 7@lk r0cK5!111 l0LzZ" thread

Originally Posted by MissFairy View Post
If we changed the title to that, we could trick people into coming in Then their brains would be ours for the taking! d:

mY t3£ny aDD1cShuN 1Z 2 @w£suMMm!!11"!1

We could talk about it. We can leave it open-ended. We don't have rules, except the 'teeny is law' rule, but that is only sensible, yes? We can't exceed coolness any more than we have already. Coolness is far behind us/this thread now this also doesn't make sense. But that in itself is cool, methinks.
Lets take us some brains.
m1N3 1Zz t0oO!1

Yes we could .Nope no rules. Teeny is law although not everyone can speak teeny should we make special exceptions for those who don't? Once in a while because I mean if they are coming in here they obviously recognize our coolness and want to be around us.

methinks that makes it cool too.
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