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Re: The "0mGzzzZ t33nY 7@lk r0cK5!111 l0LzZ" thread

Originally Posted by Aimee!. View Post
7h3y rE@lLy 5h0uLd!1

I agree they have and yes it HAS to be well,tennis is too I am kind of addicted to tennis methinks. I think we both have. and I am just rambling and not making sense now.

I get what you mean.And it's making sense.
I think this threads unofficial name should be 'Thread where sense decreases with every post, thought and comment' d: Because even when we're not speaking teeny (which is not very often admittedly) we STILL don't make sense

t33Ny thR£@dD >>>>>> d@ wUrLDDdD!!1!!!121!

teeny+tennis=winning combo. I think this thread is living proof of this. Although we don't actually speak about tennis here but it's like, you know, DO you know? I think you do. Right?

The Tennis Diet:
On the eve of the Roddick/Cilic match, my brother made Seafood Marinara. Can't eat it,
it's not part of the diet; it is enemy food. ie. Marin-ara Cilic.
I also did not eat Curry 'cos it rhymes with Murray.

I fangirl for Roddickulous, Youzhless and the Djoke.
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