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Re: The "0mGzzzZ t33nY 7@lk r0cK5!111 l0LzZ" thread

Originally Posted by snaillyyy View Post
u R alL sOOO aw3SOm3
but I must be awake before I try and read it all or attempt any tweenieisms
(@roL 1zzZ @a3s0mE!!!1
Originally Posted by MissFairy View Post
d3Yy sHuD g£ttT @ m0VeE 000Nn!!11"11

They have lost major cool points. This HAS to be the only good addiction I think i have officially crossed over to the Dark Side

Carolererer, i knew you would be cool enough to get the coolness...if you catch my drift. I'm making less and less sense with every post in this thread
7h3y rE@lLy 5h0uLd!1

I agree they have and yes it HAS to be well,tennis is too I am kind of addicted to tennis methinks. I think we both have. and I am just rambling and not making sense now.

I get what you mean.And it's making sense.
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