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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

8 month hiatus. I kid I kid.
Seriously though, see a doctor.

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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

If you're in Florida try one of those fabled anti-ageing clinics and get on an hGh programme.

Odesnik swears by it.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

visit a Spanish doctor, hey even your game might show dramatic improvements....

Welcome to MTF...
Originally Posted by alfonsojose View Post
I'm gonna be checked again. Guess where i am going ?
The guy started massaging my balls harder and faster. I was so relaxed and disconnected i didn't notice, but my body did i had a massive boner and apologized, then he told me "are u excited, uh?" and it was obvious where he wanted to go .. inside my a**
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

like others have mentioned in earlier posts, perhaps it may be worth considering the equipment and tension of strings you are using. however, given that you seem to be having these conditions on a recurring basis, it may be worthwhile considering optimising the technique of your strokes and service, given those are often the causes of injuries to the upper limbs in tennis.

in my medical experience, it is best to consult a sports medicine or rehabilitation specialist with an interest in sports. orthopaedics are good, but often they are referred to if surgery is warranted, or if conservative treatments are not effective. once you've linked up with a specialist of this sort, the mainstay of management is mostly through resting and relieving the pain in the initial phase, then working to obtain maximal function back in that affected area through the exercises overseen by a physiotherapist.

taping and bracing can sometimes be effective too.

hope that helps
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Assuming you are looking for a serious reply,

I too have an elbow problem because of tennis and was told by the doctor that it is too minor to get it treated. Was advised "rest". I use this while playing. Works like a charm.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Originally Posted by T.C View Post
good lord, a rheumatologist is useless for sports injuries (rheumies deal with autoimmune diseases and some happen to have joint associated issues). see an orthopedist or sports medicine doctor.

oh, stop playing if you have joint pain.

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what a clown post. you think a highly trained joint master can't help a sports injury?

Local rheumie is worshipped like a God at my tennis club.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Originally Posted by pferg View Post
Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to deal with typical tennis injuries? I have had tennis elbow, and I suffer from various joint injuries fairly frequently. Particularly in the wrist and shoulder.

I'd like to hear how other people deal with these types of tennis issues.

I know that weight lifting and stretching are good to do to preemptively thwart these annoying injuries that I typically just try to play through.
The most common injury for tennis players is for sure tennis elbow. Approximately 60% of individuals who play tennis twice or more a week will get it. The only way to fully recover is through exercise. Luckily, the exercises for tennis elbow can be done at home ... check these out:


The next most common injury to tennis players is damage to one of the four rotator cuff muscles.

My advice is to not ignore these repetitive strain injuries as they tend to get worse instead of better especially if you don't proactive measures to try and treat them in the early stages.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Originally Posted by Fed fordawin View Post
Hire a great PR manager and build a legend around yourself never losing when 100%.
Too bad no one believes that legend
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Starting a thread in GM of MTF is already a significant step in the right direction...

Life is an orange and you're just a little pip.

Ol' Rusty Hewitt - Keeping me moist since 1998.


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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Get a TUE and lots of cortisone injections. Legal doping.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

I have written an article about fixing the wrist injury I got this year. It includes a lot more about specific practical stuff I have found to keep tennis specific injuries away and build my game.

In general I find PRICE works for me for pulls and strains. The p and r are most important long term. Protection is about still playing but avoiding hurting what's injured. For each injury I explore what that means. Generally it means improving my technique and learning a new way to get the job done. Frustrating at first but always beneficial long term.

For minor things I often find protection is all thats needed. That can be a brace or support or it can just be adjusting your technique to take the load off the affected area. I protected my wrist by not doing a full serve so I didn't extend the wrist as much and I avoided certain shots. For a groin strain I found not running as far for balls and using a shorter stride was enough to not aggravate it and let it heal. For both I improved flexiblity and strength once the pain had gone.

When the pain goes you will start the next phase of rehab. Strengthening and flexibility. I don't generally get the same injury again because I fix my technique so it won't cause it and because I make myself stronger and more flexible. That's what an excellent sport physio taught me and it works like a charm.

Each injury has its specific fix so it's up to you to find which specific things it needs but price is a general approach that works well to get it healing however it will leave the related area weak and tight so strength and flexibility along with working slowly back to a full motion will bring the full fitness back. Until you have full strength and flexibility and coordination back you will probably get the injury again. That's why I kept getting ankle sprains. I didn't do the rehab work properly. Once I did I was fine.
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Re: Best way to deal with injuries

Can somebody here share their thoughts what must i do to heal that frikin injury.
I underbid my big toe's cushion in early Febraury (cause i play on asphalt courts) and it isn't getting any better ... 8 months since then ... went through 3 types of ointments , vitamins , special pills , injections (2: 1 in the butt and 1 directly in the cushion) went through 2 month of rest ... wearing additional foot pads with the sneakers ... nothing helps ... went through x-ray .. nothin.
WHAT the hell can somebody help me i'm DESPERATE ! (seriously talking) The doctors don't know what they can do to heal it in my town.


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