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Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

Hi everyone,

I started playing tennis last year and usually got out 2-3 times a week to play for an hour or so. Ive found myself learning faster than my friend I started with at the same time as me, however most of that is due to the time I play against my father who is better than I am. Anyways, I currently use an ncode n4 that I bought a couple weeks after I started playing. Im only 120 lbs or so and 5'8". I am still not 100% in terms of recuperating from mono I got last year so I my fatigue factor is high even though I am very agile on the court when I have to be. When I start using the wall as practice ( against a school there are no public walls around with net markings )I end up having to hit the ball fairly hard to generate enough pace and it usually moves left to right alot. I also find the wall a bad example of using force that is proportional to when on a court. My racket has power if I swing hard and I can sail the ball from baseline to baseline fairly easy. Also when im on a real court I can aim to the person just fine within a meter usually of the center of them but against the wall I can never stand still and just keep hitting the ball within a small radius. Is there any tips or better practice ideas you guys can give me? Snow is just melting around here so I am just starting to play again. I also just bought a Speedport red that should be in next week to lose a little power and gain some more control. Im having it strung at 58lbs with Luxilon Big Banger strings, as my n4 is at 61lbs now with Sensation 16's.

Any advice helps I want to get better if I can, just keep in mind unfortunately I get fatigued easy so practicing 6hrs a day isnt possible. Thanks for looking.
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

Probably the spin on the ball makes it bounce a little weird against the wall, and I'm pretty sure buying another racket isn't going to solve anything. It's al about technique and you can't rush that.
When hitting the wall, don't care about the ball going from left to right. Just make sure you're preparation is ready when it bounces back at you. And the footwork in the preparation is going to be crucial, make sure you're feet are perfect with every shot, once you got that down and in your system you'll have no problems increasing speed, power, spin, but don't force to much. It's got to be a natural fluid motion offcouse. Technique comes as time passes. Good luck with your game!
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

I didn't like practicing against a wall because I couldn't tell what depth I was getting on my shots so I was training myself to hit shots that weren't anywhere near deep enough as soon as I implemented it on the court. Not being able to judge your own shots as well, it seems like there's more potential to get things wrong without knowing.
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

yeah that is true. but i really focused more on control and technique when hitting agianst a wall, i don't really care about the depth until i'm on court.
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

hitting against a wall will lead to the ball coming back a lot differently from when you are playing a person. it will come back faster and flatter.

you always hear stories about how pro players from the past played against walls cos there were no courts. but that was years ago when people used wooden rackets and hit the ball flat. nowadays, if you want to improve i would say hitting against a wall is actually doing you no favours, as you will inevitably end up hitting the ball flatter than when you are playing full court, so you end up with slightly different techniques playing against the wall and playing against a person
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

So I hit flatter cause I practiced toomuch on the wall? Thanks, wall.

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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

To be honest I use virtually no spin and play a fairly flat game. Whether I am learning an old method that is now outddated I do not know. I used to be considerably stronger in high school but post mono I went from 145 of muscle to 120 or so now since I started playing tennis. I find it alot easier to rally with flat shots than topspin. Like I said though my new racquet should be here this week so I should be able to generate a little more head speed as the speedport is a little more headlight than the n4 and I have alot better strings going from Sensation 16's to now Alu powers.
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

if you got no partner, then the wall is your best mate... a lot about improving is about quality of hour, not quantity of hours... its about the number of balls you hit and the massive cumulative effect that has on form...

the one thing you can devote your time to while hitting against the wall - and it matters not whether your flat or spun so no worries - ... and, that is... CONTACT POINT.

there is nothing wrong with getting old school when you are learning and the classics will never die according to some... so if you focus on:
a) keeping correct form,
b) practice manouvering your feet to satisfy this correct form... and,
c) make sure your contact point is at waist height and half a racquet length in fron of your body - as a general guide.

practice makes perfect...? ok.. if you wish to believe that you can...


perfect practice makes perfect...

aim to catch that ball in the exact same spot each time... and this is where you must school yourself hard... it is logical... for, if you catch the ball in some place different each time, in essence, you are practicing a different shot... in your mind look for perfection although it is practically impossible... look for that exact same CONTACT POINT... improvement lay here...

tip: used closed stance shots when hitting against the wall.. no matter what anyone tells you - it is relevant... remain side on, make contact, then you can rotate your torso/upper body whilst leaning on the front foot...

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why are you so seriously
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Re: Practicing with wall to get better worth it?

Practicing against the wall is in my opinion the fastest way to get better quickly. Sure you may not know the depth on your shots but its a really good workout. I can name a couple of things that hitting against the wall can really improve in your game:
1. it improves your hand-eye coordination (this is a big plus)
2. helps you learn to hit the ball on the rise
3. helps you with consistency
4. helps with your footwork and stamina

I can play 5 hours + of grueling tennis no problem but hitting against the wall for even like 30 minutes gets me very tired.

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