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Originally Posted by lilibel13 View Post
Meche rose means "pink match "or if you prefer "miccia rosa" , a pic of me?
Oh like i said before when i will drink a lot of beer , but for real , i must tell you why i don't, i 've got dark air or it's better to say that i HAD got dark hair and one day i wanted to be blond ( don't ask me why sometimes i do things like that in the feeling) and then all my hair begin to get into....ORANGE loooooooool
I was horrible
, now i try to return into chatain clearly because i had enough of dark color , and now i'm a little russet-red=> and so , i'm horrible, maybe i'll post when i go to the hairdresser...and drink somme beer before too lol
yeees lili...go to the hairdresser soon, so you can take some new pics!!!
if you´ll post a pic, i´d post one of me too...
but first


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