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Re: Kiwi interviews & articles

Today's Eurosport interview

Q: how satisfied are you with your comeback so far?

Kiwi: I didn`t expect to be this good after 2 months. I was gone for 1 year. I played real good matches again and won against strong opponents. But still there is a lot of work ahead.

Q: What's still missing?

Kiwi: I cannot expect things to be the way they were after such a short time. I will take another half or whole year. I need more match experience. A lot of things in practice are much better than a few weeks ago but I need more finetuning. Sometimes for example I stand not good to the ball. That`s what I have to improve. Even if there will be some lows the way goes slowly upwards only that counts

Q: Do you have to try to slow down your own exspectations after having played so well against the top players?

Kiwi: I am an ambitious sportsman and push myself. But I have to force myself into staying calm and give myself the time that I need. This was the success I had last year that I stayed calm. Ofcourse I want to be back at the top but the situation is difficult because I am not seeded at tournaments. I had this luxury before but now I have to fight myself through it. That' s the big challenge.

Q: This is the same for US Open. In 2nd round you could already meet Nikolay Davydenko, the 4th in the ranking.

Kiwi: I cannot look some rounds ahead at a grand slam anymore. I have to take it opponent after opponent and for now it's Vince Spadea. His statistik speaks for him but the matches were always close. He is an uncomfortable opponent for me because he is playing like I do. Sometimes he seems to be a bit unmotivated but suddenly he is focused again. This shouldn't interest me at all, I want to play my game.

Q: What speaks for you?

Kiwi: I can say for sure that nobody can beat me in fitness. I am sure that none of the 127 other players in New York likes to play against me because they know that I am fighting for every ball. They don`t like that and that`s my bonus. It is difficult to beat me and I can say that because I know how I practiced. I can count on my body 100 %

Q: You were always known as fit. Did you increase your fitnesstraining?

Kiwi: Usually at tournaments I want to have some peace after the matches but now I did some more practice after the matches. You learn a lot with age. I spend less time on the court but do more for my body now. Since my injury I know that I have to rethink. I learned from Andre Agassi

Q: How?

Kiwi: With growing age he focused more and more to his fitness and was successful with it. During my break I saw a lot of his matches. He is playing like I do, agressive with a lot of risk. We talked on phone a few times and he gave me confidence and told me not to give up. I hope to meet him here in New York, that would be nice.

Q: Last year you came to New York and commentated his last matches...

Kiwi: Yes, that was strange, when I stood on Center court for the first time on Thursday and practiced with Roger. One year ago I sad somewhere on top in a commentator box and talked about how to move best. Now I am back here again. Even though I realised that I am not made for talking 3 hours without break it was a great experience to change the perspective. you get to know the surroundings on a different way.

Q: You had some experiences here, for example a drive in a police car through Manhattan. It's not as exciting for a player...

Kiwi: (smiles) It's more relaxed. But Flushing Meadows kicks every player, you feel the prickling. This is the Grand Slam with the most action. You know if you go out and fight for every ball the audience will be with you. No matter against who you are playing. The US Open have this very special athmosphere nobody can top this. I already feel that I am getting excited. I have been practicing here since Monday and it should start now.

Q: You parcticed nearly always with topplayers like Andy Roddick, Novac Djokovic and Roger Federer. Did you learn something from them?

Kiwi: I wanted to know where I stand. Roger said: "When you are playing like this it doesn't count where you are in the ranking. You will be back at the top soon again" that sounds good but only the scores count. But I don`t want to put any pressure on myself I did this mistake before.

Q: Did you set yourself goals?

Kiwi: I am practicing because I want to reach something and I know that there is still a lot possible. That's why I work hard every day. If I wouldn`t have goals I would do something else. I have nothing to lose I can only win here. No matter how it looks I will fight. I know that I can beat the opponen. I only have to get back into routine everyting else will come
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