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Re: Quiz: -> What Age Will You Die? <-

I'm supposed to die at age 55. Therefore, I've been "dead" for nine years now.
Some of the questions can't really be answered entirely truthfully: For ex.:
I don't smoke anymore. I smoked up to five years ago -heavily- for the preceding 45 years, an average of two packs a day.
I used to swim competitively in the early 60's and stopped in the mid-60's (and restarted again a couple of months before I quit smoking on 02/02/2002).
I used to play Tennis from mid-60's until the mid 70's.
I'm not married but my girlfriend (of 17 years ... length of relationship, not age) lives in my apartment building, we see each other regularly without the stress of living together.
I don't practice "safe" sex but I have sex with ONLY the one partner (and she with ONLY me). Therefore it's not technically "safe" but we've never felt safer.

And just for those who are curious, my forum name 3strokes has no Tennis or Swimming or Sexual connotations. I had a stroke about six years ago (left leg) and the CT scan showed that I had had two previous ones.

Should I sign R.I.P.?
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