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Re: Thread for all NICOLAS KIEFER supporters

Kiwi lost to Rainer 3-6 6-7(2)

no celebration today, it was a bad match. I expected a much better match, but I can't have it all

Originally Posted by JMG
How could that happen??? Your return was crap. The whole game!
I can't believe it.

Hopefully we will see him in Nottingham.
yes, completely agree.
He didn't return as well as against Bjorkman today.
Even on Rainer's serve he couldn't win many points, that was not good today.

Kiwi seemed not to be present on the court today, he was not as emotional as against Bjorkman, he seemed not to have enough fun on the court.

IMO he was clearly inhibited playing tennis today and didn't feel comfortable on the court.

Sure, Rainer played an almost perfect match, but Kiwi could have done much more better than he did.


Anyway, the match against Bjorkman was cool and I hope his improvement continues

great week!

now good luck for Tommy and Rainer!!!

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