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Re: The 'Led Zeppelin Tribute' Thread

Led Zeppelin and the Beatles are too diffrent to be able to compare them.

I think Pink Floyd is more comprable to Led Zeppelin than the Beatles are. Songs like "Money" and "One of These Days" are comprable to "Whole Lotta Love" and "Moby Dick".

The only song I know of the Beatles that resembles Zeppelin in any way shape or form is "Come Together". Otherwise, vocaly and the way the bands play the guitars and the drums are too diffrent.

One thing that does go for the Beatles is the fact that they've sold 1 Billion albums, wheras Led Zeppelin has sold around 300 Million and Pink Floyd more than 250 Million albums worldwide.

I prefer Zeppelin to Beatles and Floyd to Zeppelin, all three are awsome bands IMO, but the Beatles at there moment were too big. They affected the way people dressed, and they inspired pretty much all subsequent rock bands. Hell, they still sell strongly today, whith remixes and box sets of the Beatles coming out all the time.

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