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Re: The effects of Globalization in Indonesia

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
Your posts are usually too funny to be taken seriously and I always assumed you were just putting other posters on. However, in this thread you seem to be trying to be serious, you are certainly not funny. But since about 88% of Indonesians are Muslims, it is pretty clear that you lack the intelligence to be taken seriously.
And your post are too stupid and galling to read it.
And what is the point of your post? Majority of people in Indonesia are Muslims. O'K'. Majority of India population are Hindu ( or not, maybe they are Muslim too - maybe you have new information ). Majority of black Africans are Animalists or Christians or Muslims. Majority of people in South America are Christians too. Is religion a protection against poverty and natural disasters or disasters caused by other people? I think not. Maybe your natural religion protects against natural disasters ( druids and similar things, but normal religion can not protect against it ). Besides some natural disasters as for instance earthquakes can not be prevented . Besides these disasters as the last flood in Indonesia showed as stupid and dangerous is destroying of natural environment. Everybody sees it. It is very sorry, but these people will have these disasters year in year. And it has no sense to load money in such help as throwing a food. It is senseless, short-term help. And what's next. Everybody will forget and plundeing politisc will develope further. Maybe they are victims of globalisation and this destroying of forrests is the blame of plundering politics of west countries for instance your state. So you can help them. Send your money there.
But the basic problem is that no natural disaster is so tragic, sad and severe as these disasters, which were caused by people. For instance war. You can confront: war in Iraq caused by American and British leader - total destroying of country, millions of refugees, invalids, 1 mln killed people and for instance natural disaster floods ( 120 people or 200 people or even 2000 - but it is not such tragedy as war ) I think that you agree.
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