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Re: The effects of Globalization in Indonesia

Originally Posted by Jim Jones View Post
Actually most people in Bangladesh and Indonesia (the world's most populous muslim nation) are muslims. As for India, the natural increase rate is also high so yes it is not just muslims that have large families. But India's population increase is less then that of Pakistan.

I don't know, but it seems that you have Muslimophobia. You see Muslims everywhere ( Bush sees terrorists everywhere and you see Muslims everywhere ). Sorry but it seems that majority of Bangladesh and Indonesian people are not Muslims. India's population is too big too. Besides I don't know why it is, maybe cause of religious convictions, but caste system is in India. And poverty of India is full accepted by government, but it could be better. There are castes, which abound in affluence and there is terrible poverty on the streets. Besides India has nuclear weapon. If a state has nuclear weapon and money for armaments then it should have money for own poor people. I don't understand, why I should give my money to help people, who do not live in poor state. They have terrible government and caste - feudal system and it is the problem.
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