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Re: The effects of Globalization in Indonesia

Originally Posted by RonE View Post
Well MTW, it is pretty clear you have not watched the videos because the subject is not about monsoons or trees but rather the effects of globalization worldwide and in Indoneisa specifically and the policies of the IMF and World Bank keeping the country indebted to the west while the small exclusive elite get filthy rich and the poor struggle to make ends meet.

You should specifically find it rather interesting since they are particularly critical of U.S and British policies.

On a more serious note, I found it fascinating to watch and I must say I had no idea Soeharto's regime had a hand in such a bloodbath of murders. I knew it was corrupt to the core but never to this degree.
Globalisation is quite good idea, but just and right globalisation with equal acces of all countries to world trade. But never global wars caused by Americans and Britts or vile playing up of natural resources of poor countries ( most of all USA and GB make these things, but some other west states make it too ). It is crime. And if this globalisation will be convert into neocolonialism, then it will be better to stop it immedietely. It will give nothing to anybody.
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