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Re: The effects of Globalization in Indonesia

Originally Posted by Jim Jones View Post
Actually it is because of the nation's rapid population growth that Indonesia is chopping down trees. More and more indonesians would be farmers and they need land to cultivate and settle.

Environmentalism is not a big thing in muslim nations as it is in the west. The people are encouraged to have many children and when there is a program to give vaccin for diseases like polio some extremists won't allow people to take it because they say it is designed to make muslim people infertile so they won't reproduce like flies.

Sorry, but most of these people in Indonesia are Hindus or Buddhists ( India, Bangladesh etc. ). And they multiple in very quick tempo. I don't help to these states because it is quite pointless in my opinion. They have disasters most of all thanks to own plundering activity ( cutting of forrests ) and it will not stop. Besides they will become millions of money year in year and what with thiese money? UNICEF will buy eat and colourful booklets.
It gives such effect that they will multiple more intensive and they will endanger to environment more and more. I don't understand it completely. They should think. There is a big poverty sorrounded by malnutrieted, poor children, who have no future. It is very sad.

I don't understand what do you want from these Muslims exactly? Simplicity and supersticions are not dependent on religion. There are simple Christians, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, Animalists and other sectarians. It is dependent on level of education and definitely on illiteracy. But actions against illiteracy should be dependent on governments of some states. Supporting of regimes in some states ( for instance this in some Arabian states, maybe not some but majority of Arabian states ) leads to such strange and very often dangerous things. But feudal governments are supported in these states and especially by aministration of USA. It is very short-sighted politics. But will these politicians understand it? They destroyed one secular Arabian state, which was very close to west standards and what now? Who will take controll: Saudis men with aureoles on heads and dresses to basis? Will it be better?
Vaccin against polio is very important but I don't know, if you heared. A few years ago was a big action of UNICEF - natural nutriation of children in Africa - thanks to this action tousends of children were HIV - infected ( they were nutriated by infected mothers ). Such actions as vaccinations should be carried out by governments of countries.
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