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Re: U.S. soldier sentenced to 110 years for Iraq murders

Originally Posted by Scotso View Post
Don't you mean intensive propaganda?

And wtf do you mean our flag is Spanish?

Thank you for your concern about our country, we will take it under advisement and get back to you when Poland allows freedom of speech.
No, one of your citizens think that your national flag is spanish flag and he is not only one. It is the second member of this forum, who does not know, how American flag looks like. One is Zicofirol and the other is Blaze 2004. Both people affirm that they are americans. Do they ashame of own country? We have freedom of speech in Poland. But you have no freedom of speech in your state. It is very sad that you are frightened by your leaders or you are such not clever that you do not observe it. You have no free media. All media are probably redeemed by progovernment crew, which din into poor heads of simple American citizens progovernment bs. Besides you have no normal parties in your state. You have no socialists, no prosocial party. You have only coservative liberals? and liberal liberals? It is really funny. If your leaders want to pervade democracy, firtstly they should pervade it in USA, because it seems that system of your state is no democracy. You have regime in your state. You are governed by years by hard - liner bullies. And it is very interesting that they formed own society in special way. Their brains are washed to this level that they think that they live in a democratic state. Can you explain how does your democracy look like? Do you hear an alternative opinion in your medias? Did you notice that information given by your press, official TV are unilateral?
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