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Re: The effects of Globalization in Indonesia

The problem of flood in Indonesia in the last time relies upon degradation of natural environment in this region by inhabitants. I don't know, whether it is dependent on globalisation ( for instance cutting of tropical rainforest - maybe it is dependent on west states, ecpecially of course USA )
Monsoons rains were always in this regions. The fall is probably not more intensive, than earlier. The problem relies upon that human population will grow in this region and these people will thread for own natural environment. They occupy regions of tropical rain forrests ( they stubbed rain forrests and it seems that these forests were not only to embellish landscape or to be redundant element of it, but they fullfilled important task to protect from flood - and it was only one task .) Sorry, but life and truth is brutal. People will devastate own environment and they fall together. We are not the lords of creation, who have absolute power, but we are only part of nature to which we will have to adapt or we will fall. And Indonesians will probably face such natural disasters year in year in the past.
There ar many cretins, who stub or to want to stub the forrests to build highway or bases or buildings, but this example of Indonesia should be lesson. The trees, which grows tousends years have onw concrete tasks. There are not only redundant obstacle.
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