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Re: U.S. soldier sentenced to 110 years for Iraq murders

Originally Posted by scoobsuk View Post
These cases are not about sex, they are about power and the fact that these soldiers are in a position of power and authority over ordinary Iraqi citizens.

A small minority of scum choose to take advantage of this in utterly repellent ways, perhaps believing they will be largely protected from the consequences of their actions. In this case, I'm delighted to say, not so - though in other cases, possibly they have got away with it.
Saying scums, do you mean some leaders: B + B + this new British leader, because I think that they are the biggest among all scums.
I don't understand, what is wrong with your nations. I try to explain it, but it can not hit your nation at all. Occupying wars are always crimes. This war is crime and genocide. Iraq before a war was poor, ruled by this not good man, but it was not such tragedy. Now it is disaster and humanitarian tragedy of all Iraqi people. And this tragedy was caused by your 2 nations directly and some chieftains without honour as some Polish ones indirectly. Normal people should be against it. It is unimagineable how it could be done at all. But it happened. All this crime is not to taken away. But the only way is to stop making the same things. All these terrible crimes commited by occupants ( killing people in ,,raids, airstrikes, car bombs - it is such hard to plant a bomb to car - every soldier can do it and blast off in right moment ). This war is crimes and genocide and it must be ended at last. This occupation and violance against Iraqis gives nothing - it carries only death and destroying and will of revange. You are invaders and your leaders must understand it. So the only way is to leave this state, give peace to this people. So many victims, orphans, invalids, widows. How long will this crime be continuated Every people make faults, some makes crimes too, but the great deal for every criminal is to see how terrible monster is this person and change own person in normal one, which understands own faults, own crimes and wants to stop it, to change it and not to continue own criminal activity and lie. It is clear and this leaders should understand it to the hell. The philosophy of own life should not be based on lies, because it will be wrecked.

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