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Re: U.S. soldier sentenced to 110 years for Iraq murders

Originally Posted by zicofirol View Post
mtw is a comedic goldmine, I would like to see a character like that in a sticom and nice sig... I hope ron paul does well in the Iowa straw poll this weak to gain more supporters...
What is funny with it? american troops killed today 30 people again - 50 % civilians in a Sadr City - it is crime and genocide. This state is not metropoliy, it is a pile of ruins ( it was destroyed by americans), in which is a some kind of priest, who is not proamerican ( there was similiar priest in Poland, who was murdered, because he said the truth to nation ). Does morality, lack of honour, basic rules and moral code of american psychopaths fall down so low that they will go too far? Sorry, but such things as your troops and commands of this myrmidons: killing, torturing, ******, murdering of women, priests and civilians were made only by hitlerite - and not by usual soldiers, who werer normal poor people but special trained groups - so called SS. It seems that it is unrivalled pattern of american army.
What fuc..d, agressive people are you to the hell? What do you to the fu.. want from this people? Is it not clear that if this primeminister says that he wants to lead own army that means that he wants to turn american psychoes out. What will this war give to somebody? Nothing. This state would have to be rebuilt for the next 10 years. How such crime as this war can be continueted so long.
This war is terrible crime,
Besides your american troops train Sunni militiants. And people are killed there ( every week new mass Shiites graves are found). It is terrible genocide. What does it give to anybody? New murderers, new, innocent victims and then a new wish of revenge. It gives nothing to anybody. How can these american leders be such dull dung and to continue such crime so long and for what?
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