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Re: U.S. soldier sentenced to 110 years for Iraq murders

Originally Posted by Blaze-2004 View Post
mtw, shut the fuck up about the USA. You know absolutely nothing about our country, and stop pretending like you do. We are not a country of perverted psycopaths
I show only the real picture of your state, picture seen with eyes of objective watcher. You can believe that I was very proamerican when I was teenager, but after intensive education and observation I changed my opinion. I see that you are the worst, imperialistic state in the world. Besides the number of psychopaths is the biggest just in USA among all states of this world. It can have various basis ( alcoholism + drug addiction + amoral breeding - you must know that you live in country in which number of serial murderers is the largest in the world - )Besides if you are american, you should glue your national flag ( flag used by you is spanish. It seems that education level is not very advanced in your state too. Low level of intelligence of your nation can be concluded after listening to statement of your president and other politican too. )
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