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Re: U.S. soldier sentenced to 110 years for Iraq murders

Originally Posted by mtw View Post
This whole war is a big crime and genocide and all these mental ill people should get life imprisonment, most of all poltician, who attacked this poor country. And what about these american psychopaths - it seems that it is only top of the iceberg. Some criminals, who were cought and one case, which saw daylight. But this crimes are commited there day by day. And who plants bombs? Who leads airstrikes and attacks on civilians houses, who destroyed these mosques? It is likely made by these american psychopaths too. It is very sad picture of USA. If their soldiers are representatives of their nation, it seems that this state is a gang of pervert psychopaths. The relations and opinions of a nation is always built on grounds, what is done by leaders and representatives of it.
no its not, if USA was killing civilians on purpose it would be. 3 or 4 soldiers killing and ****** is not genocide.
poor country? its not a poor country, the people are poor, because Saddam built billion $ houses from oil money.


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