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Re: Which countries in the world have you been to, and where do you plan to be?

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Australia - Melbourne (one of my favourite cities), Sydney, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock
Good choice (it's much better here than Cairns and Sydney for sure!)

Originally Posted by RonE View Post
MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Jordan
EUROPE: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, U.K., Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
North America: U.S.A. (includes Washington D.C., New York, Connecticut, Boston, Pennsylvania, Orlando, Minneapollis, Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Idaho, Montana and Hawaii) and Canada (Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Maritime provinces)
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador (including Galapagos Islands)
ASIA: Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia
OCEANIA: Australia (all 6 states and 2 territories), New Zealand (North & South islands) and Fiji

Places I want to visit:
SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil (more thoroughly this time), Peru, Bolivia, Chile
ASIA: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal and I would like to go to Japan again
EUROPE: Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Scottland
AFRICA: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco
OCEANIA: New Zealand (been there once but would like to go again!), Australia (I haven't done Western Australia really properly), Cook Islands.
Your list is SO impressive. I'm so jealous! As for Western Australia, I've only done the south but Perth is my favourite city in Australia so I'm a big fan of WA

Originally Posted by ~*Carlita*~ View Post
Been to: the Netherlands , Spain, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Indonesia

Love to go to: Australia, Ireland, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, Italy, Wales, Japan, Croatia, some parts of the USA and much more
You are SOO welcome to come to Australia. Hope you can make it one day!!!
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