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if i succeed in reading the right translation, he says he'll come back in stockholm because he wants to play some matches and us open is too early..

translation by systran...

any volunter to tell us whta the article says? : =

“Pim-Pims” giant strides

New falubon about the operations, the career and the eroticism to Jenny Kallur

Home ground. V&#228;rldsstj&#228;rnan in tennis, Joachim  Pim-Pim  Johansson, has come to Falun in order to stay. The each eroticism to h&#228;ckl&#246;perskan Jenny Kallur as tempted him from Monaco to the valleys. Photo: Mikael Forslund


He is damage free. He accustoms harder than for a long time. He feels good. A small ascended for the tennis world. But a giant stride Joachim “Pim-Pim” Johansson.
- now can I work again, says the new falubon.

The is easy to see up to him, not only in order to he is 198 centimetres long.

For the first: He is humble, likes to chatter over a lazy tea and smiles, that the seems, all the time. Entire simpley a comfortable type, that type that can dominate a grilling evening with new pals without that for a second to take over.

- I am probably social, says you.

Secondly: He is, despite the damages and the misfortunes, still an off Sweden's goodest players.

- I has never seriously speculated on leaveoffing. The tennis is of course so funny, moreover my work, says he.

For two years since was “Pim-Pim” Johansson nia in the world. But he got problems with the right arbor, was operated in July same year, moreover was operated also the elbow, and he done a miss successful comeback in February the previous year.

But the not prevented him from that amazing defeat v&#228;rldstv&#229;an Rafael Nadal in Stockholm Open in October.

All agreed: the boozing era the hard service, the returns, the playing over the central while.

- precisely then felt the as that I could to hit all.

In February this year operated he your malfunctioning arbor again.

Your last operation?

- the hopes I, actually. I have no problems with the arbor, but the is formal sometimes, sows clear. Two the last months have I can to run at full speed on all balls. but self-evident, to come up to 100 percents in strength takes a while, I become still tired, says he.

With exceptions for a part games, as skr&#228;llen in Stockholm Open, has he been out from the ramp light in two years.

Instead he has amused to.

-. a torture chamber, says he with a laughter.

- I have to stood and stretchat in some corner, sometimes uppemot three hours to past, in order to few back the mobility. The has been bothersome, but I have done the in order to come back.

He hit through when Swedish tennis a needed star that most. For seven years since became he pro in full. Fires years latter, in Memphis, comes the first of his three ATP-segrar in single.

- then was I nervous, the hand huge seldom. I can focus, is enough a vinnarskalle. About I not each the had I without doubt to placed of, says “Pim-Pim”, as now - with accustoming verge Johan Landsberg at your side - accustoms h&#229;rt, knows the restrictions, but all the time increases the rate.

You are reported to US Open at the end of August, plays you?

- no, the is for early. I reported myself in time in order to last on the safe side - if the mould willed feel fairly.

N&#228;r does you competition co reverse?

- probably in Stockholm Open in October. I come enough to report myself to several competitions before the and plays perhaps some, the depends on how I know myself. But I want to work as soon as possible.

The job, the is so “Pim-Pim”, the previous Davis Cup-spelaren, presently rankad 157: a, calls the tennis. The is what he actually can.

- but the sport is self-evident also my passion. The is with me in the thoughts the day and night around.

The has the been since the five oar age. After ninth class has the been his trade.

- the upper secondary school went I never. To study hard willed last a new challenge, says “Pim-Pim”, as alone sees itself that tennistr&#228;nare after the career, possibly in Falun.

There, he came at the start of the year due to the eroticism to the hedge star Jenny Kallur.

How met you?

- the farms I actually not to speak about, says he.

OK, but you are both elitidrottare, travels a lot of, has awkward times, all that - how fixes one to hold together the relation?

- we are both idrottare, we know what as is required. The is enough so simple, believes I. And so enjoys we very good together also.

We sit on a caf&#233; beside Falu&#229;n. Sudden scolds a dog - big, lurvig, black thing - intensive. The is the only attention the world star sheep of the other guests.

Jenny Kallur, Susanna Kallur or “Pim-Pim” Johansson, who is most well-known in the valleys?

- the comes always to last bigest here, says “Pim-Pim”.

- but the is well day's to poke down them a sn&#228;pp. Permanent first must I enough begin to t&#228;vla again, having has.

Carl-Johan Bergman
Published: 2007-07-30 05:00
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