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At which tournaments have you seen Roger playing live?

I didn't found a similiar thread and thought it was a nice idea to bridge the time until Roger starts playing in Montreal

Have you ever been to a tournament where Roger played and if yes which matches of him have you seen? How was your expectation before you saw him play? Which tournaments do you plan to visit in the future to see him performing there?

As I don't have anyone in my family or of my friends who is interested in tennis I never went to a tournament until this year. I was in Hamburg at the Rothenbaum and saw Rogers matches against Juan Monaco and Juan Carlos Ferrero. It was so special to see him play life for the first time. I'm sure everyone still remembers both of the mentioned matches. Roger really struggled against Monaco and I was so nervous that he might gonna lose that match, but fortunately he fought like a lion and proved what a chamion he is. The next match against Ferrero went much better and he played some amazing shots which we didn't got to see the previous day. Although I only saw two matches of him in that tournament I got to see the two faces of him: One where he didn't played the tennis he is capable of and one where he really played with much more selfconfidence and light heartedness.

I also had tickets for the tournament in Halle and was really looking forward to see him playing on grass, but unfortunately Roger withdrew. Therefore I hope I get to see him in Halle next year. I also want to see him in Davis Cup one day when they play at home in Switzerland or have an away game in Germany.

Now it's up to you to share your experiences I'm looking forward to read many of them
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