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Re: Your Thoughts Por Favor: What Does Nico Have To Do To Comeback

for me the solution won't be another coach, unfortunatly this radical change only has to be made by him, I wish I could help you in some way but the only one that needs to do this is him, nobody else could help him since after being so negative it doesn't matter if you're smacking him on the forehead because at the end he wouldn't even listen at you, by this time I'm sure that he is still thinking about that shot missed on today's match or whatever it was that makes him lose his confidence and his state of being focussed.

I really have no clue what he could do, for me all this is for his attitude, he has to change his attitude, he has the freaking game and talent, everybody that has seen him during this year agrees that he's great on practice and that he does everything well, I still remember Gaby saying that he beated Davydenko 6-1 during a practice in Monte Carlo when Davydenko was still at his best, but during a match is a different thing. He has to find the way to keep the same form during matches, he is a professional tennis player, he can do this! I refuse to believe that this is it for him, this can't be it, no no no. THIS IS NOT THE END!!!

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