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Time For A New Coach

Yesterday, I wanted to yell at Nico because I thought he wasn't preparing properly for hardcourt season and especially New Haven and the US Open.

But today is a different story. If I feel badly that he is losing all his matches, he must be totally depressed about it. I know that Nico really felt last year that he could be back in the top twenty, but it hasn't worked out. He's lost all his confident. He's lost all his fight on court. Poor Nico...

He's been through rough patches before, but he's always managed to comeback. But this time, it's not happening.

So your thoughts.

What do you think Nico has to do to comeback????

My thoughts on it: as much as I love Gaby, he takes great care of Nico, and as great as he is technically as a coach, Nico has to get a new coach next year. I wish Nico would do like Nole, and get a number of different coaches/ex-players to come and work with him for short periods of time in addition to his regular coach. Or like Flip is doing - he's at Andre's working out with Andre, Gil Reyes, and Sargasian to comeback.

The other thing is that Nico has to do something himself. He has to start being the warrior on court again and fight. Until he does that, no coach or advisor is going to help.

Whatever he does, it's got to be radical changes.

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