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Re: Rooting for James in the Summer Hardcourt 2007 thread!

I didn't see the final again Stepanek yesterday, but judging from the comments about it, it wasn't pretty. I can't comment about the sportsmanship issues with Stepanek because I didn't see it, but I did see some of JB's match against Lee the day before. I'm worried, because he doesn't seem to be improving, and I see some backsliding. When James was playing at his best, he played his go for broke game, but it was tempered somewhat with a little more stategy, more defense, and a lot more patience. He still has spectacular shots, and I love his all-out style, but to win at this level, it seems like he needs to go back to the way he was playing a year or so ago. Tennis is such a mental game, and it seems that when James is angry his patience is gone. I hope he can learn to temper his anger, whether it's caused by a bad call, or by an opponent's mental tactics or whatever, and get some patience back. He's got so much talent, and he works his butt off. He is so close to making those few adjustments necessary to get those points needed to win more consistently. He's still a spectacular player, but he is at his best when he has more patience and plays a little more defensively. I'm looking to see it in the tournaments coming up.
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