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Originally Posted by TankingTheSet View Post
It appears that Tsonga has won in three sets, despite already playing a three setter against Goodall at Queens before that...

Tsonga is good though, and he will now play his third match of the day at Queens.
Still don't think ít's a disgrace for Chris.
Yeh hes a good player, he took at hewitt with his big serve and his power game, but I think hes more driven than Gooche, if gooche got in shape and worked real hard on his return game, slice and transition game he'd be top 50 right now (at the least), I wonder if hes ever watched any of his matches and seen how Incredibly frustrating he is to his opponents. A left is tough enough, a big server is tough enough, a big net player who is almost impassable is tough enough (Even if he has sh!t volleys as evidenced by Ivo Karlovic), mix all 3 with a great knifing slice (ivos slices are bricks) and an at least average return (again somethin ivo doesnt have but gooch is not too bad at), and the reasonably good volleys...

I just hope his coach sees that, instead of trying to make another andy roddick (i.e. a big guy who lacks endurance, trying to out-rally clay courters)
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