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Re: The "Peter Luczak" Cheering Thread!

Originally Posted by GeorgeWHitler View Post
Arthurs did very well with his limited game and got the most out of his abilities and if Luczak does the same at the end, then that is a success.

You don't have to like Hernandez, but the facts speak for themselves. Hernandez started the year at 141 and has shown through hard work and persistence he is now around 55 in just over 6 months and with virtually nothing to defend he should make the top 50 at the age of 29. Confidence and a lack of confidence are both very contagious things.

This shows that it's possible for Luczak to get that high as long as he believes he can, has an injury free run and also that he has to win matches on the main tour as Hernandez and Russell have done after having challenger success. I have my doubts he will make the top 50 and expressed so.

I don't feel the need to go around saying what I do or don't do within the tennis world, no need for it. Ok, tell me where I am wrong at the moment with Luczak in concern to his game? Since you think I don't seem to have a clue. Having a different exchange of ideas is fun, but got have something behind it besides hyperbole.

See Hernandez example above of what backing up results means.

You have such a bad attitude, I know that I am not the only one who thinks so. But what ever.
Hernandez results for 2007

CH Chile 1st rd loss
CH Chile SF
Vina ATP RR 1 win 1 loss in RR
Florianapolis CH Win
Acapulco ATP 2nd Rd
CH Italy 1/4
CH Italy S
Valencia ATP 1st rd
Barcelona ATP 1/4
Rome MAsters 2nd rd
Hamburg Masters 2nd rd
And now a good result in French. A good result. He has not always backed up his good results, but if he can do it, why can't Luczak now, But you never answer anyones questions but your own.

Peters challenger results aren't much different this year QF, S, F W W. But really I don't care, cause I don't want to spend more time discussing with someone who thinks they are above everyone anyway.
Great that Pete has the support of you, you are obviously very passionate about tennis. Too bad you are as passionate about yourself aswell.

Have a nice weekend.
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