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Re: ~* HoT PiX Of RaFa*~

Originally Posted by cc2monac View Post
today i went to RG and I saw my rafa...I took a picture with him....I mean he took a picture of us because I was alone and so no one could take the picture for me
the 5 bodyguards almost broke my hand and my arm and the kept pushing me away rafa told them "easy! don't hurt her!" but they didn't understand or I don't know what and gave me a knock
here rafa looked at them gave them a knock too and said "I said easy!!! do not hurt her!!!!"
and here he smiled at me and said "give me your camera I will take the picture!"
isn't he one of the nicest guy in the world!!!???
I'm so happy that you cannot even imagine it

I took pix and i'll post them later of course

Is this you in the next video?
(found on, from TVE News)

Edit: Can I just say that those bodyguards may be rough but they're only trying to do their job. They have to make a quick assesment of the situation and of the purpose of people approaching the person they have to protect. It's a tough call and it's often better to be safe than sorry. Some of those people can get quite crazy (remember that crazy fan of Graf attacking Seles)?
Now, don't get me wrong: you seem to have perfectly nice intentions but I'm just trying to put myself into the place of those bodyguards. I've seen footage of how crowdy and pushy people get around Rafa in Roland Garros so a bit of protection is needed, I think, and most people simply won't give Rafa space just by gently asking them.

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