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Re: the French Closed thread

You like Lleyton but you don't like Monfils? I think Monfils played better than Heavy D yesterday, but the big points are what count and Heavy played them the best, so he deserved to win.
Anyway, I was happy to see Lleyton come back against Gaudio. Gaston was lookin' mighty lost out there (aside from his automatic dtl backhand), and had his diarrhea look on :\ Lleyton had to rub it all in with his "CA'MOOOON!!!!" but that's ok. It's funny.
I heard Vliegen was talkin' smack about Willy, so it's good he got whooped.
I like Pico and Willy so I don't know who to root for. May the best dude win.

Someday, we'll all be free.

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