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Re: the French Closed thread

Originally Posted by Deea View Post
at Tipsarvic, of course that of all the days, he chose today to play awesome!!! Marat It's getting harder and the post-match interview he mentioned retiring if things won't start clicking in his game. I don't even wanna think about that posiblity of that day coming. Tennis without Marat???? No, no, no...don't even wanna think about it.
Well that sounds awful, Deea Marat is still *sorta* young and it would suck to see him retire. I can't say what he needs to do or what his problem might be, as I never follow him very closely. But hopefully he can do some good things through the rest of the year and get some confidence.
But hey, even if he does retire, you still got Rafa

I like Tipsy so it was a nice win for him. I was very shocked at the result, as I didn't think Tipsy had the game to beat Safin in straights.
The first set with Henin and Paszek was kickass. I wanted it to go to a tiebreak but oh well. Paszek made it interesting, but I'm happy Justine won.
Gasquet lost THAT I cannot understand. I really do not understand how he lost that match in straights! Really stupid!
Venus won. Very annoying at the end when she couldn't close it out.
Really happy that Monfils overcame Chelita in 4. Weee! Since Richard is gone, I need to have a young Frenchie to root for.
Davydenko won. Weee.
Willy won. Weee!
Hey btw, there was a guy sitting in Harkelroads box, the commentators said it was her boyfriend. I guess she's not married to Bogomolov Jr. anymore??

Someday, we'll all be free.

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