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Lightbulb Re: Tennis Austria

Here's that press conference you mentioned :
Press Conference with JÜRGEN MELZER
Melzer – Safin 6:4, 6:4
Q: Congratulations.Was that the most important victory of your career?
MELZER: I love these questions. Yes, of course, if you make it until the quarter finals you have to beat a couple of quite good players. And looking at how I played today and how I played during the first two rounds one could say that this is the tournament of my career. But then winning in five sets at the Davis Cup at home, you can also say it's the tournament of my career. It's difficult to say. It's always nicer to play at home.

Q: Did you believe yourself that you could beat Safin today?
MELZER: If I hadn't believed it I wouldn't have won. I knew from the
start that it wouldn't be easy. That's how it was in the first set,
but I played 2, 3 good points and won. In the second set it was a
real fight again. I just tried to stay in the match and not let him
dominate the game. If he can dominate the match he is even better. I
tried to avoid that and it worked well.

Q: The rebreak to 2:2 was...
MELZER: That was really important. I think he thought for a little while that he could get me, and then he made two easy mistakes and I broke back. Otherwise it might have been difficult, and if we would have gone into the third set, you never know what happens. I'm very happy that I won.

Q: Did you get a bit nervous at 5:4?
MELZER: Yes, of course, there were two or three stupid points, that happens when you are nervous. But everybody is nervous as you can see. Maybe Roger isn't, but the rest definitely is, so why shouldn't I be nervous as well. But it's okay if you just continue playing.

He just beat Rusedski 6-2, 76
I'm being more and more impressed with jurgen... I'm contemplating listing him as my #4 guy
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